‘I got morning sickness instead of freshers’ flu’

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Instead of waking up rested and ready to take on the world, you find yourself stumbling to the bathroom with dizziness and a groggy feeling. You may even feel the room spin as you take a shower.

" I had morning sickness all day, had flu-like symptoms and was so tired. I was sleeping all day and feeling terrible all the time. I was sleeping all day and feeling terrible all the time. On my first ultrasound, my doc found a blood clot, so I.I still get morning sickness , but it’s at night and now I have heart burn and constipation.

bbc.com ‘I got morning sickness instead of freshers’ flu’ You’re studying at one of the world’s top universities and then you get pregnant. What happens next? What happens next? In 0 Collections

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An upset stomach can signal both pregnancy and stomach flu. Morning sickness happens in the early weeks of pregnancy and is caused by hormone fluctuations. morning sickness can happen at any time during the day or night. Often, morning sickness will cause you to vomit, but you can also have nausea without vomiting.

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From back pain to battling morning sickness, here are the worst parts about being pregnant at work. for part of the day instead. If not, keep your legs moving as best you can. Walk in place, do.

Morning sickness, that queasy feeling women get when they are pregnant, can be hard to distinguish from a stomach virus. If you have not taken a pregnancy test and are having what feels like morning sickness, how do you know it is the real thing? How can you tell if you are coming down with a stomach

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Every morning for the last week since she found out she was pregnant, my wife has had some issues. She hasn’t started throwing up or anything, but she has had diarrhea each morning. Can diarrhea be morning sickness instead of vomitting, or is this something else.

I never got freshers’ flu – I had morning sickness instead. While other students were drinking too much and kissing strangers, I sat in my room, wondering what to do about the embryo inside me.